Welcome to my digital dis-playground.  My name is Jack Clabough; this is my Portfolio Site, intended to accompany my Resume and Curriculum Vitae.  I am a 44 year old senior level graphic designer with 25+ years professional experience; I provide creative and practical solutions to digital dilemmas.  I am very goal oriented with a passion for paying strict attention to details.  I am well rounded and possess true leadership potential on many different levels.  I am fascinated with acquiring knowledge and very open to new ideas.  I am passionate about design, typography, and how the two relate to one another.  I am intrigued by very clean and technical types of expression, a fan of mechanical drawing and vector illustration.

I have been an Art Director for over 10 years and a lifelong student of the principles and movements in Graphic Design.  I am a thinker, a wordsmith, a communicator, and a problem solver.  I have a strong design oriented liberal arts background that is rich in many disciplines.  I have studied in the shadows of greatness, fortunate to have been placed in tremendous company throughout my career.  I am a mentor with a huge potential to share my experiences with others.

I am a self professed expert in Macromedia Freehand MX.  I am an aficionado of Adobe design software:  Illustrator CS4, Photoshop CS4, InDesign CS4 and Acrobat 9 Pro.  I am fluent in Adobe design software:  Flash and Dreamweaver.  I currently hold 37 Certificates in various internet and design softwares from New Horizons Computer Learning Center.  I am BrainBench Certified in Adobe Illustrator CS, Adobe Photoshop CS, Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adobe InDesign CS, Adobe InDesign CS3, Macromedia Freehand 9, and Web Design Concepts.  I tend to be ‘Mac biased’ but I am proficient in both Mac and PC platforms.

  1. Did Powell HS buy any of your designs? My daughter’s Under-11 travel soccer team just formed, and recently the girls decided on a team name. Panthers won the vote. I guess what I’m trying to get to is: Would you be open to our girls using one of the Panther logos on their track jackets?

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